Thursday, December 11, 2008

¡Divertido en la casa!

This is sweet little Mangie!
Mario Alejandro is a stud! Check out how good we look :)

This is my beautiful Mommy Chula Martita! She is the most wonderful cook in the world!

Tonia is a beautiful little girl and I´m in love with her black curls and her adorable personallity!
Jenniffer is a typical teenage girl.. she is crazy about boys and high school musical! I have a blast with her and she´s my hija (Daughter) and I´m forever her Mommy Chula!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Snorkling was a blast!! The water was warm and clear! We made three stops at different parts of the reef and then had lunch in San Pedró!! I was a wonderful day!!


So Mary and I decided to take our thanksgiving vacation and travel to the CARIBBEAN!
We woke up at 5 in the morning for the sunrise.... it was totally worth it!!

Look at that water!! It was all so breathtaking!

BELIZE!! There were really no shady people there, only wonderful and nice people!!

We spent our thanksgiving day on the beach and attempted to get traditional thanksgiving foods, but failed...

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Girls Night!!

Nandy (14, the daughter of the Any, the teacher at the orphanage. They both come together and work at the orphanage for the week. Mary and I have become really good friends with Nandy!), Mary, and I had a girls night! We did the whole music, make-up, and hair thing! It was way fun!

This is Nandy doing Mary´s eye liner!

This is the aftershot! After this picture we put Mary´s hair in a mohawk, and then straightened it! Her hair is really fun to play with.

Chimaltenango, my Guatemalan home!!

Drying clothes in the courtyard. The most of my home here is outside, the only thing covered with a roof is the bedrooms, bathrooms, and some of the kitchen. The home is a central courtyard surrounded by bedrooms.

The neighborhood from the overpass! Pretty nice huh?

My closet.... it´s usually more organized but I love the baby bottles in this picture!!

The outside part of the kitchen and the laundry room!

Another picture of the neighborhood!

Friday, November 14, 2008

¡My Missionary!

The Man....
The memory.....

The Dream...

The greatest......

Elder Holden Latimer!!! Kobé Japan mission August 07- August 09
I love and miss you so much!! I´m so proud of you and I´m so grateful for your example to me! Your an amazing young man and your out selflessly working everyday for our Heavenly Father and for all his children in Japan! Your a blessing to everyone you meet and you are so loved!!! Thanks for everything!!!
Your sister,

¡Templo De Guatemala!

Mary and I have been wanting to get to the temple for a long time and we FINALLY made an appointment and went! Our oppointment was at 2:30 so we left the orphanage at about 10:30 giving ourselves 4 hours for a 2 1/2 or 3 hour trip on chicken busses. We got on a bus in Chimaltenango to Guatemala City, I´d also like to add that although the chicken busses are packed full, smelly, scary, and discusting, i´ve really come to love taking them everywhere! It was kind of a complicated 3 hour, 3 different bus trip, but with a lot of help from what seemed to be guiding angels sent to get us to the temple we found it. We acctually met and talked to a member on the way too!

When we got into the temple I told the man that we were talking to that I was the granddaughter of Predident and Sister Latimer, and there were very excited about that. I had to hold back my tears when talking about my grandparents and giving everyone an update because of how excited and touched I was to be standing where they served and to think about how much I love and admire them! It was a pretty amazing experience that I will never forget. I was glowing and felt so proud to have such amazing examples and I was so happy to be there! I could feel the love that everyone had for them and I was told from them to give my Grandparents lots of hugs! So they better watch out when I get home because I´ve got lots of love to give them when I get home!

I love to see the temple, I´m going there someday!We got asked so many times if we were sister missionaries by countless people inside and outside the temple, it was a big compliment! I was way excited that we looked like missionaries, Mary needs to practice, she will be a missionary in January!! Who knows, maybe I´ll be a missionary too someday! We did baptisms with a nice group of youth from a ward near the temple, and everyone thought it was pretty funny that I didn´t speak very much spanish, but I did my best!