Friday, November 14, 2008

¡Templo De Guatemala!

Mary and I have been wanting to get to the temple for a long time and we FINALLY made an appointment and went! Our oppointment was at 2:30 so we left the orphanage at about 10:30 giving ourselves 4 hours for a 2 1/2 or 3 hour trip on chicken busses. We got on a bus in Chimaltenango to Guatemala City, I´d also like to add that although the chicken busses are packed full, smelly, scary, and discusting, i´ve really come to love taking them everywhere! It was kind of a complicated 3 hour, 3 different bus trip, but with a lot of help from what seemed to be guiding angels sent to get us to the temple we found it. We acctually met and talked to a member on the way too!

When we got into the temple I told the man that we were talking to that I was the granddaughter of Predident and Sister Latimer, and there were very excited about that. I had to hold back my tears when talking about my grandparents and giving everyone an update because of how excited and touched I was to be standing where they served and to think about how much I love and admire them! It was a pretty amazing experience that I will never forget. I was glowing and felt so proud to have such amazing examples and I was so happy to be there! I could feel the love that everyone had for them and I was told from them to give my Grandparents lots of hugs! So they better watch out when I get home because I´ve got lots of love to give them when I get home!

I love to see the temple, I´m going there someday!We got asked so many times if we were sister missionaries by countless people inside and outside the temple, it was a big compliment! I was way excited that we looked like missionaries, Mary needs to practice, she will be a missionary in January!! Who knows, maybe I´ll be a missionary too someday! We did baptisms with a nice group of youth from a ward near the temple, and everyone thought it was pretty funny that I didn´t speak very much spanish, but I did my best!


nicole said...

MIss MAriss. How cool is this adventure you are on? I love seeing your pictures and hearing the stories! Keep it up! Love you!!

nicole said...

... and I'm sure Grandma and Grandpa are LOVING that you were out there at their temple! I am jealous. So cool.